Kent Police Male Voice Choir


Rodney Stevenson

This page was first published in February 2017

Rodney's interest in singing began at school as a member of both school and church choirs. He continued singing with these choirs into his early teens. When it was time to leave school, he applied to become a police cadet, there being a history of police officers in his family. To join the police cadets would have meant an addditional year at school for him and an alternative temporary occupation at a local garage was decided upon. After a year, he would decide which direction he should take.

Winding the clock forward, Rodney became an apprentice motor mechanic and during this time he entered competitions organised by 'City & Guilds'. He won the competition on five consecutive occasions. On finishing his apprenticeship, he was accepted at Ford Motor Company on engine design and development. After some years, with the help of a friend, he returned to his trade and was given the opportunity to start his own workshops. Some years later he had a change of career and worked in the petro/chemical industry as a commissioning engineer, travelling extensively in the United Kingdom and abroad. Following this, he returned to his roots as a lecturer in automobile engineering.

During this time, Rodney had a passion for English gun making and with this hobby he also had a business. He continues with this passion even today in what is a niche industry.

Rodney's interests revolve around his family, his grandson, shooting sports, restoring classic cars, fly fishing and participating in car hill climbs and track events. Rodney joined the baritone section of the choir in 2016 and says it's a real pleasure to be part of such a prestigious choir. He describes the choir as 'a brotherhood of passionate voices' and 'charitable people' and looks forward to singing with us for years to come.

It's great that you joined us Rodney and we too look forward to your company and support.