Kent Police Male Voice Choir


Michael Williams

This page was first published in April 2004

Michael sings in the first tenor section of the choir. He was introduced in 1985 by Roy Waller and Chris Cole. Despite having to leave the choir due to work commitments he has now retired and is back with us.

His father was a serviceman and Michael was born in Germany. He went to live at Sandgate, Kent, at the age of nine years and became a choirboy at the local church. At sixteen he was playing bass guitar in a local pop group who rehearsed in a barn. Unfortunately the farmer who owned the barn evicted them, claiming his hens had stopped laying.

Michael followed his father into the services and joined the Welsh Regiment in 1966. He served in many postings including Singapore, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland and Germany. Whilst in the army he was in the sergeants' mess choir. On leaving in 1975 he moved to Wales and took employment as a joiner in a woodworking mill before joining Gwent Police in 1977. He later transfered to Kent and retired in 2001. One of his two sons has followed Michael into the police service in Kent.

Currently Michael works in a self-employed capacity with his brother-in-law making bespoke furniture. He plays golf and his other interests include collecting and researching military medals, archaeology, local borough police history, cycle touring and woodwork.

We are glad you are back again Mick, hopefully for some time sustaining our tenor section.