Kent Police Male Voice Choir


Glen Peacock

This page was first published in May 2002

Glen sings in the baritone section of the choir. He joined in 1983 after being approached by a work colleague, Keith Holness, and for many years he was the choir librarian responsible for the aquisition and care of our sheet music. His musical experience started at a young age as a choirboy at Gillingham Parish Church.

On leaving school Glen joined the merchant navy as a navigation apprentice and later qualified as a Navigation Officer. Following his short career in the merchant navy he joined Kent Police in 1961 and on his retirement in 1991 he worked for a while as a security officer. He then became employed as an insurance claims fraud investigator.

He is an outgoing gregarious character with a ready wit and sense of humour. He swims several miles a week and is a very active person. He enjoys walking, nature, dancing, photography and gardening and is very well travelled, seeking out activity holidays such as cycling in Italy, driving a campervan in New Zealand and America, or sailing off the Turkish coast. He is always off somewhere both in the UK and abroad and has many friends here and overseas.

During his police career Glen was a participant in football and cricket teams and, being a strong swimmer, was very active in lifesaving and swimming galas. He also has a tendency to be selected for various committees, including our choir committee upon which he served for many years.

Having strong family ties he spends as much time as he can with his relatives. He and his wife Maureen are particularly fond of their two grandchildren, often taking them on holiday, camping or on visits.