Kent Police Male Voice Choir


Danny Beckett

This page was published in November 2004

Danny sings in the second tenor section of the choir. He has an extensive lifelong involvement in the world of music, playing drums and piano as well as singing. After leaving school he began training in accountancy but soon found that music and pop groups were far less boring.

He became involved with a group called the 'Strollers' based in his native Medway area of Kent and got well ensconced with many groups and musicians. He turned professional and toured here and abroad extensively with a group called 'Candy Choir' and has worked with many top stars including the Beatles, Olivia Newton-John, Cliff Richard and Roy Orbison. Danny also worked as a session musician with the BBC and in theatres and clubs and to this day does the occasional 'gig' to keep his hand in. Fortunately for us he is now much more regularly engaged with the choir.

Whilst working in London for the BBC in shows such as 'Top of the Pops' and in clubs he went into partnership with a fellow musician and ran a delivery service before setting up on his own to run a transport haulage business.He did this for twenty years and has now retired to enjoy the fruits of his labours.

In his early 'pop' days Danny knew a young man called John Pearce who played bass guitar and sang with him in groups called 'Plus Four' and 'Candy Choir', backing successful artists including Johnny Kidd, Crispian St Peters, Barry Ryan and John Leyton. (not a lot of people know that about our vice chairman). It was this association that led to Danny joining the choir in 1995.

Singer, musician, songwriter, record producer - good to have your experience Danny.