Kent Police Male Voice Choir


Chris Cole

This page was updated in August 2015

Chris now sings in the bass section of the choir although for twenty years he thought he was a baritone. In both sections he has given sterling service since joining the choir as one of the original founder members in 1978. Chris has also sung in a small mixed choir and he now also sings with our friends, Thanet Male Voice Choir.

He joined Kent Police after service as a police cadet and during his service he became something of a computer expert at a time when such things were a rarity in police circles. He was engaged in many major crime enquiries where his expertise in this field was put to very good use. After retiring from the police service Chris immediately took on the role of senior Holmes system supervisor as a civilian employee. Such is his interest in computing that he lists this as one of his main hobbies.

Chris enjoys swimming, listening to all kinds of music and researching his family tree. He is also an avid follower of grand prix motor racing.

Your consistency in supporting the choir is much appreciated Chris.