Kent Police Male Voice Choir


Charles Hitchcock

This page was first published in August 2002

Charles sings in the baritone section of the choir. He joined us in 1997 after attending a concert by the choir at his local church. Charles liked what he heard and attended further concerts before it was suggested to him by our Treasurer Mike Clayton that he may like to join us. (Mike was selling Charles a choir CD at the time). Charles had also become aquainted with our founder the late Gerry Hughes, who brought him along. He has been a steadfast member ever since.

At School he was detailed as a soloist in the 6th form choir by a master who had heard him sing on the school rugby coach!. After leaving Grammar School he went on to Goldsmith's College where he joined the Choral Society. Besides singing with us Charles sings as a bass at local church choir 'occasionals'.

He has been heavily involved with rugby since his schooldays - he played for and captained Maidstone and Kent County teams. He later became President of Maidstone Rugby Club. Charles maintains that he was a tenor until a neck-high rugby tackle converted him to a bass.

By profession Charles was a teacher locally where he became Head of English at Aylesford Secondary School and at the Evening Studies Centre. Now retired, he is a member of a number of local societies that arrange lectures and enjoys being on the learning end! He is chairman of the Three Suttons Society (local villages) and is Speakers Secretary of the Weald Wine Society.

Clearly he is a man of many involvements and many capabilities. He says that the activity he would least like to cease is his membership of the Choir. We are delighted to hear that Charles and appreciate your commitment.